In dislocation a bone in your knee goes out of place or it can also occur due to high energy trauma, contact sports, car or motor vehicle crash



A broken bone in your knee is a fractured knee. Patella is most commonly broken bones in a person's knee


ACL Injury

It is more common among athletes. The sudden change in the position can result in the ACL getting over stretched it is often accompanied by damage to other parts of your knee like the tendons and the Meniscus.


Ligament Injuries

A sudden force can push the knee to the side & if exerted on the internal side of the knee can cause it to push outside and lead to a ligament injury.


Torn Meniscus 

The cushion between the thigh and the shin bone is called meniscus. It is a cartilage bone. This injury usually occur when athletes are tackled.

Knee braces can be used to recover from the knee diseases.


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