With 31 million Americans suffering from low-back pain and it being the prime cause of disabilities across the world, it has become crucial to acknowledge the effect of poor posture on health.

Extensive studies have shown that there is a link between internally rotated shoulders and slouched postures, and health issues like arthritis, migraines, breathing problems, sexual malfunction, etc.  

Here are a few medical issues that arise from a bad posture.

1. Arthritis

A disbalanced posture disturbs the alignment of your spine and knee, resulting in added pressure.

Bad posture affects your knees and can exacerbate existing problems: "Over time, that malalignment can worsen the effects of arthritis by putting pressure on one part of the joint and causing pain. The pain can decrease your overall function and quality of life," says Dr Chris Wolf.

2. Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions

A hunched back naturally urges your head to tilt forward, resulting in misalignment of your spine and skull. This can strain the muscles on the nape of your neck as they are constantly bearing the weight of your head hanging forward causing neck pain and migraines.

New York Institute of Technology School of Health Professions testifies to the problems caused by a forward head posture: "As the head progressively lurches forward over time, the individual may succumb to a myriad of musculoskeletal dysfunctions impacting various systems of the body".

3. Blood Vessel Constriction

A bad posture can also lead to breathing problems which emerge when the spine is not optimally lengthened, reducing the space allowed to the thoracic cavity to properly release and contract during breathing.

This misalignment can cause partial dislocations in the vertebrae or subluxations which is the cause of blood vessel constriction. Naturally, this will obstruct the blood supply, increase clot formation, lead to varicose veins and impair oxygen supply to muscles and organs.

4. Digestive Issues

A slouched posture restricts lengthening of your abdomen which results in crunching of the intestines. This slows down the digestive process because of the unnaturally created hindrances in the intestinal pathways. People who complain of frequent stomachaches might need to fix their posture.

5. Shoulder Pain

You might experience sharp pangs of pain near your shoulder blades due to continuous forward bending posture.

According to Mayo Clinic, it can cause rotator cuff tendons to lay stress on the coracoacromial arch of the shoulders which causes immense discomfort when you press on that shoulder by lying down. Thus a bad posture means resting becomes a discomfort as well.

6. Sexual Dysfunction

This may come as a surprise to many as sexual functioning is thought to be least associated with a bad posture.

Rounded lower-back posture leads to constriction of the pelvic muscles—muscles crucial to a healthy sexual experience. When the pelvic floor becomes restrained and weak, it cannot exert the force required to attain orgasms. Men and women are equally affected by a bad posture in this regard because results can range from weak ejaculations to fewer arousals.

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