Fitness and home are adversaries to begin with.

Getting in shape while your bed is looking alluringly at you is a tough job. But the prospect of getting rid of that extra body fat or toning your cuts and curves is not impossible with pedometers.

"In today's world, the reality of it is people don't have time to go to a facility every day anyway" says a PhD, exercise physiologist Kevin Steele.

Here is an easy step-by-step guide to attaining your ideal body type at home.

Step 1

Beginning your journey to fitness from home is not going to be the same as a gym routine. Even if you make a gym at home, the idea of a ‘home’ will stand in the way of following a strict schedule.

It is important to note that exerting yourself the same way as you would at the whims of your trainer is not a plausible strategy. The best way to begin this journey is by taking baby steps. This requires you to start observing your diet and then move towards exercise.

It is not a smart idea to cut down on all possible carbs from your meals at once. They are also necessary for nutrition.

Start by substituting any extra meals with water. “For every pound of sweat you lose, that’s a pint of water you’ll need to replenish” says MD, John Batson. It is extremely important to hydrate your bodies and prepare them for the water loss through perspiration that will follow.

Step 2

It is suggested to follow a simple regimen which combines some easy exercises.

It may not be as hard to guess that pushups are one of them. Pushups are not just iconic ambassadors of fitness routines but are also a great way to get in shape. They strengthen your core muscles and in an alternate posture can also shift focus from chest muscles to triceps.

Contralateral limb raises work wonders on toning your upper body. Contrary to the complex name, the exercise simply requires you to lie prone and sequentially raise your arms and then your legs at an angle.

Other than these, exercises like calf raises, planks, lunges and squats also help in shredding and toning your body to your liking.

Step 3   

This is the step that if not all, most people would prefer. For those who have trouble being consistent on whatever workout routine they design for themselves, pedometers are their magic wand.

Even if it is just the walk from your bed to the bathroom, a run downstairs to answer the doorbell or a stroll towards the ringing phone, your pedometer will record ever stride you take and calculate your heart rate, calories and distance covered.

Pedometers are user-friendly and great for transitioning beginners into a workout-intensive lifestyle. We understand that beginning workout is a lifestyle change and the persistence it requires is not everyone’s piece of cake.

We, at Best Brace Yourself, have carefully designed comfortable gear for you to manage and track your exercise count. Our online store has a wide variety of pedometers including waterproof Bluetooth smart pedometer available, waiting to become your training partner.