Contrary to popular opinion, cleaning and maintenance of sports braces does not have to be difficult. Here are some simple tips and tricks to keep your braces sparkling clean and fresh:

Cleaning 101

Depending on the type of brace you wear and the physical activities you participate in, you can determine how often you need to clean your braces.  

If you wear braces daily while playing intense sports, they are likely to get dirty. Clean braces every two to three days. But, if you rarely use braces, you do not need to clean them often.

What is the most effective way to clean sports braces? Use a gentle dish soap and cold water to clean your braces. Do not use a harsh cleaning product, especially those with bleach, as it may ruin the brace’s fabric. Use a cloth to get rid of dirt from braces. After removing all the dirt, soak the braces in a container with mild water and soap. You can leave them for an hour. This will help remove bacteria, dirt and odor from braces.

If you do not want to use dish soap for cleaning braces, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar can do the job. Once you are done washing braces, let them air dry outside. However, do not leave them out too long under the sun. Most importantly, do not dry sports braces in a dryer as it may ruin the brace material.  

Maintenance 101

Maintenance generally depends on the type of braces you use. If you use hinged braces, you should check their screws and straps regularly for signs of wear and tear.

But, if you notice the straps coming off, it is better to invest in new braces. Excessive wear and tear can change the fit and quality of a brace. If your braces have become too tight or lose, you may want to replace them.

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