Finding a person who has never experienced an ankle sprain is a rarity.

A study conducted between 2010 to 2014 shows, out of 8.6 million sports and recreational-related injuries reported in the US, a sweeping majority of 41.4% involved strains and sprains. The parts of body injured most during such activities lied 42% in the lower extremity including ankle sprains leading to fractures.

These figures suggest a very high occurrence of ankle sprains.

While ankle sprains account for 1 million physician visits per year in the U.S., a large number still goes unreported.

Best Brace Yourself is here to offer a few tips to heal ankle sprains that can be practiced on your own as well.

1. Pressure

Think of this as caring for a friend. You will not unburden your sorrows on a friend who is already in a bad place, right? Same goes for your ankle. Since it is already injured because of a muscle sprain, the first tip is to alleviate any pressure on it and give it some rest. This means sitting down instead of walking or limping with the affected ankle free from carrying your body weight.

An elastic ankle brace will help add stability while letting your ligaments recover. Depending on the pain, crutches could also be used in severe cases to keep pressure off the ankle.

2. Icing

Usually immediately after an injury, the affected area starts swelling. In order to curb that, it is advised to apply ice.

Caution must be taken in not letting the ice sit for more than 20 minutes or applying it directly; a better way would be to use an ice-pack, wrapping ice in a cloth or better yet opting for our ankle brace with ice-compress gel.  

3. Compression

Compression simply means applying bearable pressure on affected parts and adjacent areas. This also helps reduce swelling. Since finger pads fail to apply equal pressure everywhere, elastic compression bandages would help speed recovery.

4. Elevate

In order to offer rest to your sprained ankle and improve blood circulation, it is important to keep your foot on an elevated angle so as to ease blood flow in all areas. This also helps reduce the swelling.

Once the injury is close to healing, it is suggested to wear foot up ankle braces which keeps your ankles tied to your shoe laces to maintain the right angle.

We at Best Brace Yourself are truly concerned with your physical health. Our online store aims to provide the most comfortable, pain relieving gear to help you recover best. From medical splint ankle support to various kinds of ankle braces, we have all that you need to help you get back in the game.