There are few things in life that are as bad as a stiff back. Imagine getting up and going to work with a back that’s killing you. A lot of people rely on back braces to get them through the day when they’re experiencing a backache. Back support braces are a good way to strengthen your spine and provide additional support to your back.  They stabilize your back and greatly reduce pain.

But there are some downsides that come with the misuse of back braces. If you’re using one, you need to be aware of what counts as a misuse of back support belts.

When Not to Wear a Back Support Belt

A back support belt when worn, works as an additional set of muscles put in place to support your preexisting muscles. But that’s where you should stay on the side of caution; overusing your back brace and wearing it when it’s not necessary can result in weakening of your real muscles.

When you wear a back support belt your back starts relying on the brace. Over the time you use the brace; your back basically takes a back seat and lets the belt do all the heavy work. This weakens the muscles and makes your spine unstable and more prone to contracting injuries.

So it is recommended that you don’t overuse your back belt support when it is not necessary. Only wear a back brace when you need additional support or to help you recover from an injury faster. What you can do is take off your belt for a 10 minutes break to allow your actual muscles a chance to stay active.

If you don’t learn about the proper use and misuse of back support belts, you may end up using them as a crutch instead of a tool for support.

When You Should Brace Up

People who suffer from chronic back pain can make use of back support belts to reduce pain. But before using back support braces for extended periods of time, consider the severity of your spinal condition and wear the brace accordingly.

It is also recommended that you wear the support belt only when doing the activities that require you wear them, such as during powerlifting or during other heavy and strenuous tasks. Remove it during your rest periods.

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