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Have you ever suffered power outages during all seasons of the year? Have you had the moment when you need to have your hands free but still need a light? Do you enjoy outdoor activities such as; camping, cycling, running or walking at night? If YES then this Rechargeable Outdoor LED Headlamp is your new best friend! Say goodbye to disposable batteries too! It can be recharged via USB and with the new Batter Indicators, you’ll know exactly how much battery you have used and how much remains. It has multiple useful functions, such as adjustable brightness, strobe lighting and zoom. The lifespan can reach up to 100,000 hours and stays waterproof for every minute! Removable headlight can be worn on the helmet, trousers, belt and so on. The adjustable headband provides a comfortable fit for adults and children! It’s the perfect tool for outdoor sporting activities: running, biking, camping, hiking, fishing, walking or other night activities!