Magnetic Lumbar Back Support Pain Relief Back Brace

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Product Description

This efficient design made from magnets and quality Velcro material provides support to the lower back and abdomen. The adjustable belt compresses and heats the lower back to reduce pain and maintain posture.


  • Breathable material
  • Comfortable design
  • Ideal for long duration usage
  • Reduces hunch back
  • Recommended for people with a sedentary lifestyle
  • HIGH QUALITY: Premium quality lumbar brace. The lumbar support superior compression and muscle support of both the lower back and abdomen. 
  • COMFORTABLE: Extremely comfortable, designed to be used for long period at a time. Provides and element of warmth with assist the healing process.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The back brace can be adjusted through high quality Velcro to your desired compression to optimize lumber support. 
  • REDUCE INJURIES: Long worked days hunched over a desk and laptop can out serious pain on one's lower back. The lumbar support brace will assist in keeping your back upright, resulting in lower levels of pain and improved posture. 
  • SIZE: We have attached a diagram below for you to determine which size will best suit you.