Medical Shoulder Support/Shoulder Brace

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Product Description

Providing ultimate support and increased compression, this shoulder brace speeds up the injury recovery process and saves your shoulder from extreme exertion. The compression it provides is firm but does not get in the way of flexibility, making it ideal for everyday use.


  • Increased compression
  • Elevated support
  • Built-in pouch for ice or heat packs
  • Adjustable
  • ULTIMATE SUPPORT:  The shoulder brace will assist in speeding up the recovery process of injuries, through compression providing increased support. This compression helps align your shoulder and keep it from exerting the different muscle groups. 
  • RICE: RAISE, ICE, COMPRESS, ELEVATE is a well-known recovery methodology. It is because of this proven healing method that this shoulder brace has a built-in pouch for either ice or heat packs.  
  • SUPERIOR & RELIABLE SUPPORT: The shoulder brace provides greater support than competitors, it is a more reliable support and will not fail you. The compression provided is firm but not overbearing. The compression and support will help relieve pain from strains and injuries or you can use it to prevent injuries from occurring.  
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Risk Free! We guarantee your money back for this shoulder brace if you receive it and discover a manufacturing issue within 7 days.